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Yoga & Meditation

Energies your mind body and soul with daily Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a highly condensed word as it carries a world of meaning in it. Hatha Yoga, the physical part of it, is only the beginning of the journey towards self-realization. It is the beginning but a very important step. This prepares your body and mind for reaching higher altitude.

Thus Hatha Yoga is the gateway to discover the whole treasure of Yoga and it is very important to begin right. Tapovan Vatika resort provides one of the best Yogacharyas in Rishikesh who comes with training from the most renowned Institutes in India and with loads of experience. It is our honour to be able to do our bit in maintaining our traditions passed on to us from sages of lore.

The eight steps are:

YAMA : Conditional Yoga behaviour, personal and social
NIYAMA : Attitude sublimate to Yoga norms
ASANA : Discipline of the physical body
PRANAYAMA : Control over bio energy through respiratory action
PRATYAHARA : Withdrawal of the senses inwards through abstraction
DHARANA : Concentration
SAMADI : Transconsciousness

Yoga is based on a deep understanding of man and his position in this world and was the first system evolved in the world to recognize the connection and the interaction between body and mind.

It studies in depth the very structure of the human personality, through analysis of the psychological complexities and the course of human pain, sorrow and suffering.

It has laid down psychosomatic means through its various psycho-physiological processes for dealing with the Body-Mind complex and tries to harmonies and integrate the human personality at all levels and stages of life.

Yoga is basically a way of life which has been evolved as a system to go beyond the personality complex and achieve absolute freedom-liberation of the spirit from the matter.

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